Sunday, February 06, 2011

Catching up

Things have been crazy (as usual) around here, with alot of things going on. Some good, some bad. I won't elaborate on the bad, but as with anything major that happens in life, sometimes it can keep you so occupied that you just lose your ability to focus on anything else.

On the positives, There has been time to get acquainted with my Designer I to an extent. Now, I love the machine, do not get me wrong, but man am I not in love with Viking's customer service. Apparently they do not realize that us normal people do not replace our sewing machines every other year, so for them to discontinue support for a machine a mere 4 years after it is manufactured is beyond poor customer service in my opinion. My machine, while I purchased it "used" is brand new for all intents and purposes. Half of the feet, hoops, accessories, etc that I got with it were still factory sealed in their original packaging. My machine, in searching for other information online, I discovered had been part of not one but 2 different recalls. I contacted Viking about getting the recalled parts replaced, only to be informed that the recall would not apply to me since I did not buy the machine new...nevermind that the recall notice does not state anything about it being invalid if the machine transferred ownership. A quote on paying for the parts to be replaced on my own came back to me at 800.00 from my local dealer. I think that's a pretty poor way to handle a recall if you ask me. Why should it matter who owns the machine, if you know that it was manufactured with a faulty part?

Anyway, I digress. Mom has been stitching up a storm, trying to put ideas to pen and paper as fast as she can. We have a few other projects lined up for later in the year, but we have had amazingly positive feedback and responses to our free patterns thus far, and I know neither of us could have imagined that we would go from getting a few dozen hits in a month to over 15K in January. WOW. We are humbled and appreciative!

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