Saturday, June 17, 2006

A new Crafting Room!

I am SO excited about this! I have a WHOLE room dedicated to JUST my quilting and crafts...FINALLY I can set up the quilting machine, and I can have a place to actually work on my quilts without having to constantly pack them up and relocate them (or my sewing machine). I can leave my paints out on the table not kept in a box hidden away...I'll post pictures once I have it all set up!!! I'm like a kid in a candy store...chomping at the bit to get it all done so I can work again! My blue quilt is SO close to being completed, and my time is running out to get it finished before it needs to be shipped off. After that its time to fulfill some standing orders, and then to work on more crafts for fundraising. If you are interested in anything at all, feel free to email me and I'll either tell you a price, or try to send you to someone who can fulfill your request. :)