Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Crosses of Ryan and Tarah Block 12 FINAL BLOCK!

At long last we are at the final block for our Crosses of Ryan and Tarah series. Thank you for all your patience and kind words. I hope you all have enjoyed this series as much as we have. Please please share your photos on our FACEBOOK page.

The final block is (appropriately) named "JOY"!

The pattern for block 12 can be found HERE

Crosses of Ryan and Tarah Block 11

Block 11 is done! This block celebrates love :)

You can find the pattern for Block 11 HERE

Crosses of Ryan and Tarah Block 10

At long last! Today you will get the final three blocks in our series. I know we've been a bit slow, and hopefully life will cooperate with us a little more in the future when we are offering our designs!

Block 10 is a bit of an art deco design. This one is one of my favorites so far:

The pattern for block 10 can be found HERE

An Update to Block 9 Crosses of Ryan and Tarah

Mom kept looking at her last cross we published and felt like it needed "something". So, after much thought, she decided to add some flair to it.  Here is the addition she made if you care to add it to yours as well:

I have updated the download for this block with both the original as well as the added design so you can choose which one you prefer.  You can find the pattern HERE

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quick update and some sewing eye candy...

I didn't realize how long it had been since I updated. Man...my bad. Quick update on things:
Mom- She is doing better, and coping with my sister's treatments. She's had to play musical medications and it has had her on a roller coaster with some really good days and some really bad days. She's hoping to have the next cross design ready to post in a few days. I appreciate all the emails I've gotten and rest assured we will publish 3 final designs to this series.

Lara-is breezing through Chemo like its no big deal. She goes about her days as usual and it doesn't seem to be affecting her at all. I guess this is proof positive that side effects from Chemo may be somewhat controllable with a different mental state. She's unaware of all that is going on around her once she's away from it and isn't really feeling many of the common side effects once she leaves treatment. This is a HUGE relief for us, because we were really unsure how she would take this but she's probably doing better with it than all the rest of us. So far, so good!

Me- well...I have been working here and there on some small projects, but the best news for me is that just a couple of weeks after my last post, my hubby bought me a brand new sewing machine! I got a Viking Designer Ruby, and I love love love her! I've been practicing with the embroidery unit and hopefully before too long I will be a pro. I've made a few things so far, and I'm working on a custom baby bedding set for a friend. Here's a couple of pics of the dust ruffle and coordinating pillow I've done so far:

When I haven't been sewing and starting school, I've been pushing my husband around in a wheelchair (well, for the last 3 weeks, with another 3 or so to go). He's ok. He had surgery to correct a problem he's had since childhood, and had both of his achilles tendons lengthened. This should take care of the pain he's had recently and it greatly increased his range of motion. The doctor said he gained about 20% more movement. He's all excited because he can actually touch his toes without bending his knees for the first time in his life. It's the little things!

Well, aside from that, I've sort of been inundated with something I've wanted for YEARS. I've been wanting to find treadle machines and learn how to use them. Well, the first one I stumbled across by chance for 20.00 in June from a lady who had started to restore it but didn't have the time, so I picked up my first treadle machine, a 1917 Davis New Vertical Feed. The machine itself is in great shape, and I've already finished restoring the irons and I'm now working on the cabinet. Here's a picture of her:

 I have to say that I have literally been looking for YEARS for a treadle machine that I could afford. Now, it seems as if they just keep finding me and I can't say no! I've added about 30 machines to my collection since finding this one. (Yeah, I lost count.) All antiques. I'll post a few of them for y'all to drool over :D I found some on Craigslist, 1 from Ebay, some from Goodwill, and the rest came from a collection that was formerly the Arlington Sewing Machine Museum. The entire collection had been in storage for over a decade and the owner passed away last year. The whole unit fell into the hands of a neat lady, and when I answered her CL ad for a machine, the more we talked the more we became friends. I ended up helping her move the entire unit from the storage unit to her home, and we went over many of the machines, cleaning them, figuring out what they were, etc. She gave me a few machines, and then let me purchase several more for about 5.00 per machine. I now have 20 from that collection. These first few machines are from that collection.

Then there's the unbelievable find I had at a garage sale recently...a 1954 WHITE singer Featherweight 221 in IMMACULATE condition...picked that one up for 90.00. That is by far the most I've paid for any of my machines but I know how envious some of you will be to hear that I got it that cheap. :)

There's many more where these came from, but that should hold y'all for a bit. :) Hopefully I should be back in a couple of days with a new cross design for you!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

What's been going on in 2012...

As many of you noticed, we have had a pretty big lapse in posting this year. Thank you all for all the emails and comments, checking in with us. We appreciate the kind words and prayers that have been offered for us and our families.

As most of you know, I moved at the end of 2011. While we moved, we had a total renovation of the house we purchased going on. The house had been abandoned for a couple of years and had extensive repairs needed just to make it liveable. Pretty much the only thing we still have are the kitchen cabinets and the walls. Everything else has been replaced. Subfloors, sinks, toilets, flooring, plumbing, electrical, you name it..Well, the major work was supposed to be completed prior to moving in. Halfway through the process our original contractor decided he wasn't going to complete the work, so we had to stop everything, and deal with the legal issues surrounding that. As anyone can attest, moving in itself is stressful. Couple that with moving into an incomplete house, with 4 kids, and being unable to do anything to complete the work ourselves until the legal mess was straightened out was literally a nightmare. We had to wait 3 months, through the holidays, before we could finally get a new contractor to start fixing the mess left behind.  After 4 weeks of intense long days, the rest of the work was completed and 6 months after moving in, I was finally able to hang a picture on the walls. We've lived with most of our stuff in storage (including my entire sewing studio) for months and months, so now we are in the midst of finally getting settled into the house, and making it "home". Throw in that we homeschool, and you can only imagine the chaos. Needless to say, we'll be doing school through the summer to help make up lost days due to all the upheaval.

Well, that takes care of me, but mom has had her own chaos of her own. Both her and my step-dad have had a few medical issues in the last few months, but those appear to be winding down. The biggest issue now, is with my older sister. For those who do not know, in May 1991, my then, 22 yr old sister was involved in a major car accident. The car she was riding in was hit by a drunk driver, and my sister sustained a traumatic brain injury. At the time we had no idea what the outcome would be. After about a year in the hospital and various therapy programs, Lara was able to speak and walk again, but she has massive damage that has never recovered. She has little to no short term memory. She cannot read and comprehend. She cannot carry on a conversation. She cannot care for herself at all. It's sort of like having a toddler in an adult body. She cannot do most things for herself without some form of assistance. She requires 24/7 care and monitoring.  In January, Lara was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.  February was spent meeting with a myriad of doctors. March brought a mastectomy. Since Lara is not a typical patient, there is more to weigh than just physical treatment. We had to consider how she might handle and react to treatments, and try to see things not only from our standpoint, but from that of someone who might not understand why she is being poked and prodded, and be unable to communicate properly to us if she is in pain, sick, or if something is wrong.  We consulted with a handful of doctors, and we also reached out to people we know who have gone through the surgeries, chemo, etc. to try and figure out what the best plan of action might be for my sister.  While her quality of life has certainly not been all that wonderful since her accident, we still hold out some hope that something might be discovered in her lifetime that might restore some of what she has lost. Lara has 2 children who were just toddlers at the time of her accident, and they've never really had the chance to know who their mom really was, because they were too young to really remember her.  Anyway, mom is her legal guardian so all of this has really taken a toll on her in many ways. During this time we've been battling with the facility that cares for my sister, about inadequate care and several other issues. Finally, just a couple of weeks ago, the powers that be came in and "cleaned house", and the director, and staff that we were having issues with were all removed, and Lara was moved to a higher care level, where we are now confident that she will be properly monitored and cared for through this ordeal.  Chemo is scheduled to begin in a couple of weeks, so we will keep everyone informed of the progress.

Aside from all of that, we have taken in a childhood friend of my husband to live with us, and will have his 2 children with us soon. He is disabled, and we are his "representatives" for Social Security, Medicaid, etc....a nightmare all its own to deal with. I now fully see why these government programs are so rampantly wasting money. They are all bureaucratic nightmares. It took 3 months and 4 visits in person, and countless phone calls-just to change a mailing address for him.

So...all that said...its chaos as usual around here! Yesterday I finally decided that I wasn't going to do anything...so I sat down with one of my cross stitch projects and thats the only thing that I accomplished.  (Ok that and dinner...) It was wonderful!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Crosses of Ryan and Tarah BOM Block 9

Well, finally I have a few moments to try and get the latest cross block published! I have one more to get published and the last 2 are close behind.  If you have any trouble downloading the pattern please send us an email and we will send it to you. Thank you again for all your kind words and patience as we have dealt with various issues between ourselves and our families. I will update more on that later! This month's block is angel wings, and simple backstitch. Enjoy! You can download the pattern HERE