Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Crosses of Ryan and Tarah Block 12 FINAL BLOCK!

At long last we are at the final block for our Crosses of Ryan and Tarah series. Thank you for all your patience and kind words. I hope you all have enjoyed this series as much as we have. Please please share your photos on our FACEBOOK page.

The final block is (appropriately) named "JOY"!

The pattern for block 12 can be found HERE

Crosses of Ryan and Tarah Block 11

Block 11 is done! This block celebrates love :)

You can find the pattern for Block 11 HERE

Crosses of Ryan and Tarah Block 10

At long last! Today you will get the final three blocks in our series. I know we've been a bit slow, and hopefully life will cooperate with us a little more in the future when we are offering our designs!

Block 10 is a bit of an art deco design. This one is one of my favorites so far:

The pattern for block 10 can be found HERE

An Update to Block 9 Crosses of Ryan and Tarah

Mom kept looking at her last cross we published and felt like it needed "something". So, after much thought, she decided to add some flair to it.  Here is the addition she made if you care to add it to yours as well:

I have updated the download for this block with both the original as well as the added design so you can choose which one you prefer.  You can find the pattern HERE