Thursday, April 06, 2006

Current Works in Progress:

The first quilt "Rhaphsody in Blues" will be approximately 8x12 ft is massive. :) 1536 little rectangles comprise the top of this one, but its turning out to be absolutely beautiful.

The blocks on the second picture (not a good picture by the way) are the blocks from the Old Town Quilts in Keller, TX 2005 Saturday Sampler BOM. These will be set with a deep indigo sashing and inset 8 point stars in various colors at each intersection.

These last two are kits that are patiently waiting in the wings for me once I complete the Blue one. As I want to have it done by a specific time since it is a gift for someone, I'm trying my hardest NOT to work on any others until I get it done.

The only other additions I will have to these will be the 100 Wishes quilts I make for myself and others who choose to order theirs. I have 2 on order already, but as these are much smaller, I anticipate being able to complete them much faster.

The addition of a Quilting Machine to my garage will greatly improve the speed with which I am able to finish these out as well. I can accomodate up to 10ft wide quilts on this frame. I cant wait to get it set up so I can play around with it. It hasnt been easy trying to work my way through the garage and clear out the space, but its getting there!

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